October 24, 2021

Youtube Comments Not Loading – EDGE BROWSER Edition

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Youtube Comments Won't Load In Edge Browser

We’re going to take another look at clearing those Youtube related cookies and site sessions within Edge browser to get youtube comments loading again!

We previously did a video on this with Chrome browser. But we’ve had a request and it can be hard to find where to do this in each browser because it can be located deep within the settings. But, for simplicity of comparing to Chrome, the good thing is that Edge browser is based on the Chromium browser engine – Just like Chrome browser; Just like Opera browser; Just like a lot of other browsers. So, it should be similar, even though it may have a little bit of a different presentation within the UI (user interface). So let’s take a look at that right now.

We’re going to open up Edge browser

Then we can get to the settings page a few different ways:

The quickest way (right click on link below and click “copy link address”) – is to paste or type the following link into the URL bar (address bar) of your browser and then press enter:


To navigate to the settings page manually – We’re going to click the 3 horizontal dots in the top right of the browser – just below the close button.

Edge Browser Settings
Edge Browser Settings

Then we can go down that pop-up context menu list and click “settings”. Within settings, we’re going to click “Cookies and Site Permissions”. From within Cookies and Site Permissions, we’re going to click “Manage and Delete Cookies and Site Data”. Then we’ll click “See All Cookies and Site Data”. 

That will take us to a settings page that will show us a list of all of our previously stored cookies and site sessions.

Edge Cookies & Site Sessions
Edge Cookies & Site Sessions

The list in the demonstration video is very small because we don’t use Edge on the demo system very often. But if you use your browser regularly, then this list will probably be very long.

Utilizing the “search cookies” box, in the upper right, we’re going to search for youtube.

That will return a list of youtube related cookies and site sessions – even though they might not all be titled “youtube”. 

Some of the cookies and sessions may be titled “Doubleclick” or “accounts.google”, but we want to remove all of these cookies and site sessions that return from our search. Even if they are not explicitly labeled “youtube”.

In the case demonstrated in the video walk-through, we receive results that show we have 27,626 KB of stored data and 3 cookies. So we’re going to click “remove all shown” and that will delete all of those cookies and site sessions that were returned from that search. But sometimes after the first deletion attempt, it doesn’t perform properly and leaves some data behind – which can result in a persistent data retention issue; As shown at the 2:21 mark in the video walk-through embedded above.

So we’ll do a follow-up search for youtube, immediately after removing the youtube cookies and sessions, just to ensure they have all been removed. And we can see in our video demo that they haven’t. The cookies were removed but it still left behind the 27,626 KB of data. So we do that follow-up search for youtube to ensure all of the data and cookies have been removed. Because the “youtube” entry remains, we’ll “Remove All Shown” again to make another attempt to clear all of that site data that stayed behind. It will warn us again that it’s going to delete all that data; Then we see finally, after the second attempt the Youtube cookies and site sessions entry is completely gone.

So it looks like it to have finally worked. We’ll search for youtube cookies a 3rd time and it appears that all the youtube content has been completely removed. We’ll check to see if Youtube is loading comments once again by refreshing the Youtube video page. Now we should see comments successfully loading again!

Edge Browser Youtube Comments
Edge Browser Youtube Comments

Youtube Comments Loading Again
Youtube Comments Loading Again

Redeye Recap

Open Edge Browser

  1. Go to edge://settings/siteData page
  2. Search For youtube in the search cookies input box
  3. click remove all shown
  4. Do a follow-up search for youtube to ensure the entire entry has been removed from that list

Then refresh the Youtube page to load comments!

Let us know below if this worked on your system as well.

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