April 12, 2024

Vertically Maximize The Browser Window On Kubuntu Desktop

This is slightly different than how it is done in Windows 10

Vertically Maximize Browser Window - Kubuntu

Hover Over Maximize Button On Browser – Press Middle Click Button On Mouse.

Just go to the maximize button on the upper right of the browser title bar, square or up arrow icon (depending on theme), and press the middle click button on the mouse. And once you do that, it will vertically maximize the browser window.

Vertically Maximize Browser Window - Kubuntu
Vertically Maximize Browser Window – Kubuntu OS – KDE Plasma Desktop

This is different then just double clicking around the border as that maximizes the browser window across the entire desktop. So it’s a little bit different vertically maximizing the browser window vs full screen maximizing.

Fully Maximized Browser Window
Fully Maximized Browser Window By Double Clicking Top Border Of Browser Or Left-Clicking Maximize Button

Some people may find it helpful to just maximize vertically when they want to keep something in perspective by keeping the horizontal aspect ratio but expanding the vertical view of the browser.

Vertical Max View
Vertical Max View

Similar Effect In Windows 10

In Windows 10, we can do this by hovering over the top border of the browser window, wait for the resize cursor to appear, and then double click with the left mouse button; that would vertically maximize the browser window in Windows 10.

Vertically Resize Browser - Windows 10

But in Kubuntu, you have to go to the maximize button on the browser and press the middle-click button on your mouse to achieve the same effect.

Press Mouse Middle Click Button On The Maximize/Restore Browser Icon
Press Mouse Middle Click Button On The Maximize/Restore Browser Icon

Hopefully, this helps resolve a similar issue on your system as well.

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