September 23, 2023

Samsung Galaxy View 18.5-in Tablet (Google Maps)

Google Maps - Samsung View Tablet

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Clash of Clans

Samsung Galaxy View 18.5″ Tablet (Clash of Clans Demo)

A quick demo of the 18.5″ touch screen on Samsung’s Galaxy View tablet for some hands-on experience with Clash of Clans. We can imagine the screen size and tablet funcionality would be a hit with touch screen enthusiasts young and old alike. Related posts: Samsung Galaxy View 18.5″ Tablet (Fruit Ninja Demo) Samsung Galaxy View […]

XFX AMD R9 390

AMD Radeon R9 390: XFX (Unboxing)

Best Buy’s version of the XFX – AMD Radeon R9 390: Lifetime Best Buy Warranty & Free Dirt Rally Promo Model: R9-390A-8DFR Lifetime Warranty: Can’t find much information on how this warranty works or is redeemed; any comments with additional info would be great! Parts: Lifetime Labor: Lifetime Processor: Grenada Pro PCI Express: 3.0 4K […]

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