September 23, 2023


Once we download the package, we can run the file to install the Nvidia LED Visualizer onto the system.

Nvidia 10 Series GPU Lighting

After download and installation, we can access Nvidia’s LED Visualizer control panel in a few different ways. Keep in mind that this is for Nvidia 10 series cards only. For 20 series and above, Nvidia suggests to use a board partner solution like EVGA Precision X1.

Nvidia Visualizer
Nvidia Visualizer

Step 1.) DOWNLOAD Nvidia Visualizer Standalone Utility

Nvidia LED Visualizer Standalone utility download page:

Direct Download Link:

Nvidia Visualizer Installer
Nvidia Visualizer Installer

Step 2.) INSTALL Nvidia Visualizer Standalone Utility

Once we download the package, we can run the file to install the Nvidia LED Visualizer onto the system.

Step 3.) ACTIVATE Visualizer Control panel from 3 different locations:

1.) Set “Run At Startup” After Install

Nvidia Visualizer Run Startup

2.) Open from the Windows 10 start menu programs list (Nvidia Corporation)

Programs List Access

3.) Or, open .exe file directly from within the Visualizer program folder

Nvidia Visualizer Program Folder


From The Nvidia LED Visualizer control panel: We can use the Visualizer to turn off the lighting completely or change the lighting effects.

Nvidia Visualizer Control Panel
Nvidia Visualizer Control Panel

“Please note: The NVIDIA LED Visualizer utility does not support the GeForce RTX 20 and GeForce RTX 30 series graphics cards.

For GeForce RTX users, we recommend using a software solution from one of our board partners such as EVGA Precision X1."

LED Visualizer User Guide:

Nvidia Visualizer

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