February 6, 2023


stop msi mystic light corsair rgb

Stop MSI Mystic Light From Hijacking & Taking Control Of Corsair Keyboard Lighting

Quick walk-through of one method for stopping MSI Mystic light from commandeering control of Corsair keyboard lighting.

windows networking shortcuts

Add A Windows Network Adapters Shortcut To The Desktop For Easier Configuration Of Network Connections

Quick walkthrough Of Creating a tools folder and adding a shortcut to the Network Adapter Settings
In Windows 10 and Windows 11

Windows Power Plan Options Shortcut

Add A Windows Power Options Shortcut To The Desktop For Quicker Access To Power Customizations

Adding A Windows Power Plan Shortcut To A Tools Folder And, Or, To The Taskbar For Quicker Access.

thunderbird email link preview cards snippets

Thunderbird’s New Link Preview Cards Email Feature! Version 102 & Newer

Copy a web page address, paste it into the body of the email, and Mozilla Thunderbird will instantaneously transform that URL, that web site address, into a little information card

Vertically Maximize Browser Window - Kubuntu

Vertically Maximize The Browser Window On Kubuntu Desktop

This is slightly different than how it is done in Windows 10

Youtube Comments Not Loading

Youtube Comments Won’t Load, Let’s Try To Fix It!

You open Chrome browser to watch a youtube video and you decide to scroll down to check out the comments to find they’re not loading. You just see the progress wheel rotating around.

Youtube Comments Won't Load In Edge Browser

Youtube Comments Not Loading – EDGE BROWSER Edition

To ensure all cookies and site data was removed, we’ll do a follow-up search for Youtube (immediately after removing the Youtube cookies and sessions) just to ensure they have all been removed, and we can see in our demo video that they haven’t; the cookies were removed but it still left behind the 27,626 KB of data. So we do that second follow-up search for Youtube cookies & site data for this very reason of ensuring that all of the data and cookies have been removed.

Warzone stuck on Connecting to Online Services

Warzone Game Stuck on ‘Connecting to Online Services’, A Server Connection Fix To Try

Quick run through of a fix that has helped resolve the issue on our system during some Warzone game loading failures to connect to online services. These steps can also be applied in attempts to fix server connection issues in other titles as well.

12V to 24V Test Criteria

D5 Style Pump At 12V VS 24V – Trick Or Treat?

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Doom 2016 Rating 8.1

DOOM 2016 PC Review

Doom 2016 is set against the backdrop of an etherworld of hell on mars. Investigating an abandoned outpost on mars that was the center of some devlish researchers plotting to open a gateway to hell. Playing as the protagonist who is seeking to investigate the mysterious and horrific situation at the Mars research laboratory and ultimately reseal the corridor that has opened between mars and the gates of hell.